Joe, I want to thank you for doing such a superb job of setting me up with the most superior hearing devices I could ever imagine. Most other people in your field said there was nothing I could do with the severe tinnitus condition caused by working in a high noise level work environment, but your devices certainly minimized the problem. As you recall our discussion music is a big part of my life, and with your advice a new world has been opened up for me. I highly recommend your service to anybody with hearing issues, and after the transaction to be assured of caring personalized service.

Ronald T. Santoro
Burlington, Ma

Dear Joe, Many thanks for your kind and patient help to improve my hearing. I greatly appreciate the time and effort you spent to make me comfortable wearing my hearing aids, and helping me to hear all of my favorite radio programs. Once again thank you very much.

Beverly Weiner
Melrose, Ma

My name is Fran Chalmers from Melrose, Ma. I had been having severe hearing problems and was too embarrassed to say anything. I finally made an appointment with Apex hearing Care, and Joseph J. Sarofeen, and he was awesome. He spent much time with me and assured me that he could help me. I am hearing beautifully now with hearing aids that no one would know you are wearing. Thank you Joe.

Frances Chalmers
Melrose, Ma

Joseph J. Sarofeen, I would like you to know how much I appreciate the service I received with the hearing aids I recently purchased from your company.

When my previous hearing aid supplier retired, he sold his practice to a company that offered a reasonable price on new hearing aids. That practice was in Boston and it was easy for me to get there by public transportation and I was very pleased with their specialist. However in the last two years, they have moved their service office at least four times, from Boston to Route 1 in Saugus, to West Newton, to Revere and most recently to Lexington, changing specialists almost as frequently. Public transportation was not always possible and I do not have access to private transportation.

I was pleased when your company was recommended to me, especially when the specialist would come to my home. At the time I could not accept immediately because my insurance would not cover it for a few months. Joe contacted me a couple of times and came back when my insurance was in effect. I hear much better now with my new hearing aids, and Joe is very amiable about correcting any minor issues that I have.
I neglected to mention that the hearing aids were much less expensive than the ones I previously had. In my experience, I would recommend this service to anyone I know who needs hearing aids.

Mary E. McCluskey
Brighton, Ma

I wanted to write this letter to express my appreciation. Joe of Apex Hearing Care has been very understanding and helpful to me. He answers all the questions that I have when he comes to my home. I don’t drive now, so the service is great to me. We agree on a day and time that works for me, and he is very helpful checking and adjusting my hearing aids. I would recommend him and his service to anyone that needs help with their hearing.

Alice Carfagno
Beverly, Ma

When I decided it was time to upgrade my hearing aid, I went back to Apex. Technology had grown and I thought I might be able to even get a hearing aid for my “bad” ear that had experienced years of surgeries and discharges from my mastoid. Apex tried different levels of the new technology and determined the technology I needed which would benefit me the most. Unfortunately nothing was cleared for my “bad” ear, but testing did determine what was best for my current loss of hearing. The aid was ordered, and I am pleased with my new aid. It is much more sensitive and adjusts automatically as needed. If I have any problems or adjustments needed, Joe from Apex is readily available.

Marion Ewell
Melrose, Ma

I recently purchased two hearing aides from Joseph Sarofeen, HIS of Apex Hearing Care. I could not be more pleased about the fitting and follow up care provided by Joe. He is very proficient at fitting the product and explaining the entire process to the client in a very knowledgeable and patient manner. I was very hesitant to pursue hearing aides as I had heard so many horror stories about people being unable to use the devices due to lack of teaching and follow up by the provider. Joe excels in both these areas. I have worn my aides from the first day with minimum issues. and improved hearing. Have had one visit for adjustments and if needed will do more.
Ann Mahoney
Burlington, Ma

Having had two previous ineffective and unhappy experiences with hearing aids I had to basically be pushed and shoved by my family to start looking again. After meeting with Joe, undergoing a hearing test, and then actually trying the instruments on in his office I was more hopeful that these new models might make a difference, and they have. I am more than satisfied with my new hearing aids as well as the cordial and quick service I have received. I am very appreciative as are my family.

Don Meskie
Amesbury, MA.

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