Custom Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing Impairment Evaluation

As a hearing healthcare professional Joseph Sarofeen will perform hearing tests to identify the type and extent of hearing impairment.

Hearing Aid Selection

The goal of the hearing aid selection process is to define the appropriate physical and electroacoustic characteristics of the desired hearing aids for individual customers.


Once the amplification goals have been determined and the hearing aids and ear molds (if applicable) received, the process of verification begins. In this context, verification refers to measures made to determine that the hearing aids meet a set of standards.

Physical Fit

The physical fit of the ear molds or hearing aids will be determined by assessing cosmetic appeal, physical comfort, absence of feedback, ease of insertion and removal, security of fit, microphone(s) location, and ease of hearing aid control operation.

Performance Evaluation

Once selected, hearing aids will be tested to verify audibility, comfort and tolerance to ensure soft, average and high level sounds are processed to customer satisfaction.


All individuals fitted with hearing aids will receive appropriate training and education in the use and maintenance of the selected hearing aid system.

Hearing Instrument Maintenance and Repair

Patients that are fit with hearing aids will be provided with personalized service for the life of their hearing aids. This includes all adjustments, counseling, and repairs that are under warranty. Home service is an important part of what we do, and is available to those who prefer it in place of office visits.

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