At Apex Hearing Care the emphasis is on personalized care for people seeking help for their overall hearing health.

Whether it is a complete hearing evaluation, hearing aid fittings, or tinnitus management solutions, we are always available to meet the needs of anyone who has concerns about their hearing health.

Our approach is one that puts patient satisfaction first. When it comes to fitting people with hearing aids a prerequisite of our function is understanding that even the best hearing aids available are rendered ineffective and useless if they are not worn, or worn on a regular basis. To avoid this pitfall, and achieve patient satisfaction, each patient must be treated as an individual with his or her own unique hearing evaluation, personality, and lifestyle.

The key to attaining patient satisfaction as much as fitting a patient with the right hearing aids based on their individual hearing evaluation, is counseling. Counseling is essential in achieving success when it comes to helping individuals with hearing aids. It is something that needs to take place before, during, and throughout a patient’s life with their hearing aids. It has been widely recognized in this profession that counseling, though immensely beneficial to patients, is not nearly utilized as much as it should be. At Apex Hearing Care we are contributing to change that trend.

It is our sincere hope that you will consider us in helping you or your loved ones with your hearing health concerns.

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